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CBD Hemp Flower vs. Marijuana Flower

Hemp grown for its resinous flowers is essentially identical to marijuana, both of which are simply two different types of the same plant species, called cannabis.

The main difference between CBD Hemp strains and marijuana strains is their THC content. THC is the primary active compound in marijuana that causes the mind and mood altering psychotropic side effects, but it’s only found in minute traces in CBD Hemp. You can the ‘STORE’ section on our website to

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with marijuana, it was likely due to consuming too much THC, which can induce an overwhelming sensation of anxiety or panic in some cases.

CBD-rich Hemp Flower contains little to no THC content, so you don’t have to worry about the deleterious effects associated with marijuana use.

In fact, studies show that CBD has antipsychotic properties, meaning that it could be helpful in those experiencing panic, anxiety, and other mental issues. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of CBD Hemp Flower.

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